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The steps to successfully launch, run and scale your restaurant
A Business Plan

To define and address the requirements of your offering

Legal Services

To ensure the legal protection of your restaurant(business licence incorporation,employee and supplier contract,etc.)

Commercial Location

Choose the best location possible for your Offering(Restaurant,food trucks,ghost kitchens,etc ...)

Equipment Aquisition

To optimize your production

Operation Management

To optimize your operations(Daily consumables,management software,etc...)

Get Funded

Get Funded with better terms (convince investors easily)

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Demeter officially becomes a prestigious member of the ARQ
May 2021

Demeter officially becomes a prestigious member of the Association Restauration Québec (ARQ), thanks to its commitment and determination to support restaurateurs. What is at stake? Access to a large and credible community of decision makers and suppliers in the restaurant industry.

Demeter reaches 14 local suppliers on its platforms (exclusively in Quebec)
June 2021

Our network continues to grow and we are proud of it! We now have over 14 reliables and attractives suppliers based locally (Quebec) to meet your needs. Together we will create a community of restaurateurs committed to the growth of the sector.

May 2021

Nearly 85% of the population of Quebec is moving from the orange zone to the YELLOW zone. This heralds the reopening of bars, the relaxation of mask wearing and especially the multiplication of group meetings in restaurants. Little by little, our sector seems to be coming back to life!

What are our partners, suppliers and investors saying?

Really great service! I Recommand

Wysor Susan

I was so pleased with the services I received from Demeter. They were professional, reliable and very knowledgeable about the company. I felt like I was getting very personal advice and I never felt like I was just a number. advice and I never felt like I was just a number. I am delighted to see that the company is growing.

Jean Noël

I very much appreciate the team's vision and understanding of understanding of today's world issues. The impact of the leadership of the promoter is real and the solutions provided are effective!

Nguema Landry

What an incredible company! They were able to streamline my entire business my business, identify my best investment opportunities and also optimise my and also optimise my cash savings. It's a second breath of of fresh air for us as we emerge from the pandemic. Thank you very much Demeter

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